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1 Translation during the purchase of a property or a car in Sibenik
Translation during the purchase of a property or a car in Sibenik
P   8 months ago   Interpreters   Šibenik
I work as a translator and interpreter in Sibenik, Croatia. Translation during the purchase of real estate or a car. At the moment I work as a translator for an importer company. Open to new proposal...

250 kn per hour
1,800 kn per day

1 Escort interpreter in Rijeka - Russian, English
Escort interpreter in Rijeka - Russian, English
P   8 months ago   Interpreters   Rijeka
Certified translator and interpreter in Rijeka, Croatia. I will also consider traveling to neighboring regions, as well as remote translation. Accompaniment on trips and excursions. Translation langu...

199 kn per hour
1,435 kn per day

1 Do you need a professional translator and interpreter in Rijeka?
Do you need a professional translator and interpreter in Rijeka?
P   8 months ago   Interpreters   Rijeka
Interpreter in Rijeka, Croatia. If the assignment requires, sometimes I also travel to neighboring cities. Do you need a professional translator? Translation languages: Russian, English. I perform th...

130 kn per hour
935 kn per day


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Business, exhibition, notary interpreters in Croatia

Business interpreters in Croatia

Finding a business interpreter can be a difficult task, especially if you plan to negotiate complex business issues during the meeting. To enhance business negotiations for your company or clients, an interpreter shall possess a tremendous amount of responsibility, language fluency, awareness of subtle language, and cultural nuances that affect business communication and negotiations for both parties. You might need a business interpreter in Croatia during various events: shareholder meeting, business negotiations with partners or clients, negotiations with government administration, interpretation during a presentation, etc. One of the important abilities of business interpreters is speaking and listening. Professional interpreters must have a large amount of focus to listen carefully, and accurately convey, the speech of their clients. Business fluency is an entirely different level of language fluency, and an interpreter must be able to quickly synthesize the speech of two languages to communicate complex ideas accurately.

Exhibition and trade fair interpreters in Croatia

An exhibition interpreter is not just a classic interpreter. Trade fairs and exhibitions are visited by an international audience, and language barriers pose a considerable risk of misunderstanding your clients or potential business partner. You might need English, French, Russian, Mandarin, Italian, German, French, or other language interpreters to help you during an exhibition conversation or a negotiation. When selecting an exhibition interpreter in Croatia, make sure he or she has skills and experience working on trade fairs. Native speakers and professionals with several years of international experience are especially suited for these tasks. Whether you are planning to host an exhibition stand yourself or are looking to enquire about innovations with potential business partners – visiting exhibitions is essential for success.  Exhibition interpreters must have a perfect command of the source and target languages and be well acquainted with your products or services. How can businesses cooperate if the respective parties do not understand each other? To avoid this, you can find and book a trade fair interpreter in Croatia. Try to provide interpreters with detailed information in advance, so that they can get prepared for your exhibition. 

Notary public interpreters in Croatia

For selling or buying a real estate or company, rental agreements, deeds of donation, or if you would like to perform entry of your company into the commercial register, or preparing any other kind of notary deed, you will need notary public interpreter to interpret for you in front of the notary. Depending on the requirements of a notary public, he or she might insist on the presence of a sworn or classic interpreter. A sworn notary interpreter in Croatia has taken a general oath at a district court or higher regional court. Notary interpreter has proven professional expertise and personal aptitude for language professionals for courts, official authorities and notaries, and in most cases assume a quasi-public authority. Certified sworn notarial translators can also perform certified translations of official documents that must be submitted to any authority in Croatia. The following notary deeds may require a sworn notarial translator in Croatia in front of the notary public: contract of inheritance, application for inheritance certificate, distribution of an estate, donation contract, property purchase, sale contracts, mortgages, land charges, power of attorney, care order, patient order, dispute avoidance, arbitration, mediation, divorce settlement, estate disputes, enforceable deeds, arbitration, company registration, registration of limited liability companies, amendments to the articles of association, registration associations, transfer of shares, marriage agreement, divorce agreement, partnership agreement, adoption, declarations of parenthood, paternity recognition, care statements, etc.